Joanna & Jason's Wedding on the Monterey Peninsula

The time has finally arrived! Check below often for updates!

(The wedding details can still be found here.)



New location for Rehearsal Dinner! The Rehearsal Dinner has changed locations. It is now being hosted at the Seascape Dining Room. Check this map of the Asilomar Conference Grounds (at the top of the map, in section C-8). Check back here for more information regarding the best place to park. Still starting at 6pm. Spread the word (not everyone has an iPhone!).

Plan ahead for parking. Valet Parking at The Clement Hotel (the location of the wedding) is $20/day. Free parking is difficult to find, though cheaper parking can be found. Cannery Row (the street) is bustling with pedestrians, and everything within the three block radius surrounding the hotel moves at about 5 mph. The city of Monterey lists several parking lots (with limited spaces) and one parking garage in and around The Clement, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium has some thoughts worth looking at as well. Spread the word!

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